How to Disable Suggested Actions in Windows 11

Launched in Windows 11, Suggested Actions can be a helpful productivity tool, automatically proposing relevant actions for copied text like phone numbers, dates, or locations. However, if you find them distracting or unnecessary, here’s how to disable them:

What are Suggested Actions in Windows 11?

Before diving in, let’s clarify what Suggested Actions are:

  • They appear as small pop-ups when you copy specific text formats.
  • Currently, they suggest actions primarily for dates, times, phone numbers, and locations.
  • The suggestions may include creating calendar events, calling contacts, opening maps, or sending emails.

Disable Suggested Actions in Windows 11

There are two ways to disable Suggested Actions:

Method 1: Using Windows Settings:

1. Open the Start Menu and click on Settings.

2. In the Settings window, navigate to System > Clipboard.

3. Locate the “Suggested actions” toggle switch and turn it Off.

4. You can verify by copying relevant text again. No suggestions should appear.

Method 2: Using the Suggested Actions Menu:

1. Copy some text that would normally trigger a Suggested Action (e.g., date, phone number).

2. The Suggested Actions menu should appear near the text.

3. Click on the down arrow at the bottom of the menu and select Settings.

4. Turn off the “Show suggested actions” toggle switch.

Additional Notes

  • Disabling Suggested Actions only affects their visual appearance when copying text.
  • The functionality to copy and paste remains unaffected.
  • Microsoft may introduce new types of Suggested Actions in future updates.

Benefits of Disabling Suggested Actions

  • Reduced visual clutter on your screen.
  • Improves focus while working with sensitive information.
  • Maintains control over your workflow and actions.


  • Some users find Suggested Actions helpful and convenient.
  • Disabling them might require adapting to manual actions for common tasks.


Whether you find Suggested Actions helpful or intrusive, the option to disable them empowers you to personalize your Windows 11 experience. By following the steps outlined above, you can easily turn them off and enjoy a cleaner, more focused working environment.

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