How to Enable and Use Suggested Actions in Windows 11

Microsoft rolled out Suggested Actions in Windows 11 with the 22H2 update, along with Taskbar Overflow, tabbed File Explorer UI and more. But some users are having trouble using and even locating this feature on their Windows 11 computers. There’re reasons for it. If you have installed the latest 22H2 update, then Sugestes Actions is probably available on your computer, waiting for you to enable it.

Another reason is the feature is disabled in your region. Due to unforeseen reasons, Microsoft has disabled this feature in several regions. Don’t worry if you want to experience the Suggested Actions feature on your Windows 11 computer; there are ways to enable it. So, check out the following guide and learn the steps.

What is Suggested Actions in Windows 11?

Suggested Actions is a brand new Windows 11 feature Microsoft is releasing in different regions, with the October Moment1 updated as a part of Windows 11 22H2. This feature comes with a dropdown menu that shows when you perform any activity.

Suppose you have copied a date/time/phone number. The moment you do that, the Flyout opens up to create calendars or make phone calls. The feature was designed to work with most/all Microsoft applications.

How to Enable Suggested Actions in Windows 11

Microsoft has started offering Suggested Actions in different regions from July 2022 with the Windows 11 build 22622. Even in October, the feature has become available to most regions along with features like File Explorer Tabbed UI and Taskbar Overflow.

1. From Clipboard Menu

If the Suggested Actions option is available in your Windows 11 build, then you can enable it from settings.

1. Open Windows 11 Settings.

2. Select System and click Clipboard on the right side of the window.

Navigate to Clipboard Menu

3. Click Suggested Actions and toggle the switch to activate the feature.

Suggested Actions Enabled

After enabling this feature, Windows 11 will display numerous actions as suggestions when you copy a date/time/phone number.

Note: If you don’t have the Suggested Actions tile available in the Clipboard menu, then the feature may not b available in your Windows 11 build or your region or possibly hidden by default. Don’t worry; you can still activate it, but it requires a more intricate procedure.

2. By Changing Time & Language Settings

This procedure can be a bit tricky for Windows newcomers. So, read the steps carefully.

Suggested Actions rolled out with the new 22H2 update, but it’s turned off in some regions. We know for sure it’s turned on in the United States. So, if you are using the new Windows 11 22H2 build but still don’t see the Suggested Actions tile, you can reveal it by changing the region.

1. Open Windows Settings.

2. Navigate to Time & Language.

3. Select Language & Region option.

Time and Language Settings

4. In the Region Section, change Country or Region. Select the United States from the drop menu.

5. Now, change the Regional Format to English (United States) from the drop menu.

Change Courtry Regional Format

Now, restart your computer. After the restart, navigate to the Clipboard menu in Windows Settings, you will find Suggested Actions enabled.

3. With ViveTool

If the Suggested Actions feature isn’t visible in the Clipboard menu by default, you need to enable the feature manually using ViveTool. ViveTool is an open-source program available for free. Let’s experience its operation first-hand in the guide below.

1. You need to download the ViVeTool from the GitHub page.

Get the ViVeTool

2. The download file will be in ZIP format.

3. Right-click on the file and select the Extract All option.

4. Click Next to extract the files.

5. Create a folder and name it the same as the ZIP File.

6. Right-click on the folder and select Copy as Path from the drop menu. The path of the folder will be copied to your clipboard.

Choose Copy as Path

7. After doing all these, you have to run Command Prompt with administrator privilege.

8. Click on the Start button.

9. Type Command Prompt and click Run as Administrator on the right side.

Run Command Prompt with Admin Access

10. In the CMD window, type cd, add space, and paste the copied directory path. You can use Ctrl + V or right-click on the CMD window and select Paste.

cd "C:\Users\deysa\Downloads\ViVeTool-v0.3.2"

11. Hit Enter to execute the command.

12. After that, run the following command.

vivetool /enable /id:34592303

Now, restart your computer. This is the way to manually enable the Suggested Actions on your Windows 11 22H2 build.

Summing Up

So, do not worry if the Suggested Actions feature is not showing up on your Windows 11 computer even after installing the latest 22H2 update. The same happened to me and probably a lot of people. You probably have to change the region, and it will show up in the Clipboard menu. On the other hand, you can use ViveTool to enable it on your computer.

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