How to Enable and Use Suggested Actions in Windows 11

Windows 11 introduced Suggested Actions, a nifty feature that aims to streamline your workflow by anticipating your needs and offering relevant actions right within your text selections. While currently available in limited regions and to Windows Insiders, unlocking its potential can transform your daily interactions with your PC. This article delves into enabling and using Suggested Actions, empowering you to work smarter, not harder.

What is Suggested Actions in Windows 11?

Imagine copying a phone number to your clipboard. Windows 11, with Suggested Actions enabled, might offer to call or text that number directly. Similarly, copying a date might prompt you to create a calendar event, and an address could lead to map directions. These contextually relevant suggestions save you time and effort, making tasks more efficient and intuitive.

Availability and Activation

Currently, Suggested Actions are only available in the United States, Canada, and Mexico, and primarily for Windows Insiders. However, you can still check and activate it:

1. Check Region Settings

  1. Open Settings (Win + I).
  2. Click on “Time & language.”
  3. Select “Region” and ensure your country is listed as one supported.

2. Enable Suggested Actions

  1. Open Settings.
  2. Go to “System” and then “Clipboard.”
  3. Toggle the switch under “Suggested actions” to “On.”

3. (Optional) Activate for Specific Apps

Under “Suggested actions,” you can select individual applications where you want to enable or disable suggestions.

Use Suggested Actions in Windows 11

Once activated, Suggested Actions automatically appear when you copy supported text formats. Look for a small box below the copied text, displaying relevant actions based on the content. Simply click the desired action to perform it.

Supported Formats and Actions

Currently, Suggested Actions primarily work with:

Dates: Create a calendar event.

Phone numbers: Call, text, or add to contacts.

Addresses: Open in Maps, get directions, or add to contacts.

Emails: Open email client or add to contacts.

Flight numbers: Track flight status.

Movies: Open streaming services or purchase tickets.

Benefits and Future Potential

Suggested Actions offer several advantages:

Increased Efficiency: Saves time by offering quick actions without switching apps.

Reduced Errors: Minimizes mistakes by auto-suggesting relevant actions.

Improved Workflow: Makes tasks more intuitive and streamlined.

Microsoft is actively developing Suggested Actions, promising future support for more content formats and languages. This feature holds immense potential for enhancing productivity and simplifying your digital interactions.


While still in its early stages, Suggested Actions offer a glimpse into a future where your PC anticipates your needs and assists you seamlessly. By understanding its availability, activation, and current capabilities, you can leverage this feature to work smarter and unlock a more efficient workflow on your Windows 11 machine.

As the feature evolves and becomes more widely available, expect its impact to grow, further blurring the lines between user intent and machine understanding.

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