Orange Light On AirPods, What Does It Mean and How to Fix It

Apple AirPods are the most popular truly wireless earbuds in the market. AirPods are very complicated gadgets and pack a lot of tech in a tiny footprint. Just like every TWS device, AirPods doesn’t feature an indicator. It comes with a single little multi-coloured light on the side or on the charging case depending on the AirPods model you have. The light on AirPods has four different colours. Depending on the status of an AirPods, the colour of the light changes.

In most cases, lights on AirPods are regular, and you don’t have to bother about it unless your AirPods are flashing Orange or Amber lights. The AirPods flash orange to notify about some problem in making connections. If your AirPods is consistently flashing orange light, it simply means it has encouraged an error, and you will have to fix it.

Here, in this article, I have briefly explained what the Orange light on AirPods means and how can you fix it if it is flashing orange. But before we jump into the solution, I will take a few minutes to explain all the four colours of AirPods light so the next time you see a specific colour, you will get a better idea about your AirPods current status.

Different Light Colors on AirPods

Green – If your AirPods are blinking green light, it is in full charge. The green light appears typically when you have fully charged your AirPods.

Orange or Amber – AirPods blink orange light when the AirPods case is charging, or an Individual AirPod is charging. If the Orange light is steady on your AirPods, it simply means it is charging right now. This situation is not a problem, so you don’t have to worry about it. It becomes a problem only if AirPods is flashing orange.

Flashing White: When AirPods are flashing white, your AirPods are ready to be paired via Bluetooth. Once you see the flashing white light, you can connect the AirPods. The flashing white appears if you press the hold the back button of your AirPods for 15 seconds.

Flashing Orange or Amber: AirPods Flashing Orange is less common than the other three light colours mentioned above. If your AirPods is flashing orange, it means it has encountered an error. Usually, when an error occurs, AirPods try to recover from it independently, but when they fail, they start flashing orange. It is the time when the user should be aware that their AirPods have encountered an error and can’t be fixed without their intervention.

How to Fix AirPods Flashing Orange

As you have seen above in the article, there are two situations when orange light appears on AirPods.

Normal: Orange or Amber light means it is charging in a normal situation. The light will remain consistent and switch to green when AirPods gets fully charged.

Problem: If AirPods is flashing orange, then it is a problem. It means AirPods have encountered an error, and you need to fix it.

If your situation lies in a problematic category, below are some of the working fixes you can try to stop the flashing orange light on AirPods. But before you jump into trying these fixes, make sure your AirPods are not in a discharged state, and there is some juice left in left. If AirPods are discharged, they can start flashing the Orange light to grab your attention so you can plug them instantly.

Factory Reset AirPods and Reconnect Them

The working way to fix the orange lights on AirPods is to do a factory reset and reconnect them. If you don’t know how to reset AirPods, follow the simple steps below.

1. Open Bluetooth settings on the device you are using with your AirPods and forget it.

If you have an iPhone, then these are the steps you should follow, open the Settings app and tap on Bluetooth settings. Under My Devices, look for your AirPods and tap on the blue (i) icon right to it. Lastly, tap on Forget This Device and then Forget device. Tap on Forget Device to remove AirPods from your iPhone on the final confirmation screen.

AirPods Pro

If you have connected AirPods with multiple devices, make sure to remove it from all of them. It is not mandatory to do so, but Apple recommends removing AirPods from each device before resetting them.

2. After forgetting the AirPods put individual AirPods inside the case and close the lid; after it, wait for 30 seconds.

3. Open the lid of the AirPods case and press and hold the clickable button given on the back of the case for around 15 seconds, until the light colour flashes orange and then white.

Back button on the AirPods case

That’s it you have successfully reset your AirPods. Now it’s time to reconnect them. Keep AirPods in the charging case and open the lid after bringing AirPods closer to your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch device. You will see a pop window coming out from the bottom of your screen with a Connect button, tap on Connect, and your AirPods will get connected instantly.

The process of connecting AirPods to Apple devices is straightforward. If you want to reconnect AirPods with other Android or Windows devices, then press and hold the back button of your AirPods for a few seconds until you see the AirPods in your device’s Bluetooth settings. Once it appears, tap on connect.

Final Words

AirPods are a great piece of tech, but it lacks certain features like an Indicator. Still, it does feature light on the charging case that shows the different status of the AirPods whether they are charging, full charged, or ready to be paired. Occasionally AirPods start flashing orange, which means they have encountered an error and need our intervention to fix it.

I have provided the best possible way to fix the orange light on the AirPods issue. If you have tried the above fix but still facing the same problem, it means there is some serious hardware issue, and in that situation, you should contact Apple support and ask for repairs or replacement.

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  1. I had the same issue with my AirPods. I unplugged them and plugged them back in and it worked.

    I think it might have been a software issue.

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